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  • Customers like
    • Food 6
    • Waitress 5
    • Leaving the parking lot 3
  • Customers don't like
    • Customer service 6
    • Manager attitude 5
    • Service 5

I keep getting emails from cracker barrel about how good it is and great service,let me tell you my husband and i had an experience at our local resturant i wont soon was after lunch when we stopped to eat we were both hungry and my husbands sugar was dropping so we ordered breakfast so it would not take too long well we sat there and watched a man get a well done steak plus several more who came in after we did ordered after us.asked... Read more

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Asome good fun freah food Add comment

Mnagers want let their employees leave at their time they are suppose to get off. They force thier employees to stay or they tell them that they will fire them if stay. So dont fill an application if you wanna forced to working late Add comment

Excellent! ! Food ! Service! All around! $! Add comment

Last month my wallet was stolen at our local Cracker Barrel. I was panhandled in the parking lot six weeks prior. I reported the incidents to CB, but their darlin' little hands are clean, "nothin' we can do, stealing happens everywhere." No joke Sherlock! They did not report either incident to the police so the store keeps a good rating. I cannot say anything else because they have threatened to sue me. I tell truth; not speak with... Read more

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Do not go here as a single woman. The food was good, but I was seated at a crummy table, served & then forgotten. Plus - I had to flag someone down to get the crackers that wree supposed to come with my salad Add comment

we go to the cracker barrel at strawberry plains every friday nite, we yet to have a good experience there. the last time we waited an hour and a half for our food after we ordered, and it was not busy. the waitress was really bad she came back once before we got our food and that was because asked another waitress if we good have drink refills. the only reason we go to that one is the couple we were with. we have bee to alot of them and not had... Read more

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We go to Cracker Barrel sometimes 3 times a week last Two times we have been there the food has not been Cracker Barrel standards. I order veg. Because I have problem eating. The green beans are my favorite. Last couple of times they have been heated right out of can no seasoning so I stopped getting this last straw was yesterday may 10th. My husband and I went there I ordered Lima beans. Veg. Of the day, they where put in hot water and not... Read more

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While eating at Cracker Barrel, my wife and I observed a lady bring a dog in the restaurant. I questioned one of the managers by asking her, "Are ya'll letting people bring dogs in the restaurant?" And she said it was a service dog. The dog was not a service dog. The dog appear to be a pet. The dog was a small Poole. I asked one of the workers if that dog was a service dog and the worker said, "NO" it was not a service dog. I was okay with... Read more

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Food is good, but I would like to eat it and enjoy it. My daughter and I were on vacation and eat out once a day. It was dinnertime and the waitress was nice but stopped by 10 times (yes, we counted) and then another waitress kept coming by to talk about the store and that we should by our snacks there and that jam was on sale and blah blah blah. That's great and all lady but we just want to eat our dinner and not have to wolf it down like a... Read more

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