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My mother visited the cracke barrel in meadville pa. beginning of feb.she cut her finger really bad and was bleeding on a vinegar jar..the manager come over got her name and address its march and she never did get an apology letter or even a discount! Add comment

  • Feb 25
  • Employees and Ex-employees
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Employee Experience
  • 39

New employee (1wk, so far) I'm a seasoned employee w a strong work ethic, w a HR & customer service background. I wanted to use this job as a 2nd job to pay my debt off faster. I'm shocked at the rudeness & disrespect between the employees. It's very unpleasant. This is the 1st time in 40 yrs that I've felt so uncomfortable in the workplace. There r other PT jobs out there. It's a... Read more

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Bentonville, AR, my friend and I ordered French Toast and Pancake breakfast. Server dumped my friends French toast on my lap. Manager came over, apologized and offered to pay for cleaning. No offer to comp. breakfast. Add comment

Always got good food at cracker barrel. But Saturday I got surprised. Food tasted nasty, like grill hadn't been cleaned. Food had a nasty taste. Gravy was thick not good tasted bad. Will not be visiting Pell city cracker barrel again Add comment

Visited Cracker barrel of Charleston WV found an outstanding charge for a glass of tap water for $2.00 dollars contacted corporate they advised it was for condiments hmmmm why not list it on tgr receipt...bad buisness local and corporate I not happy with the asnwer. Add comment

Went to this restaurant 2times a day if not 3times a day. And today they were cheap with the grits mind you I get my food to go. Asked the manager to straighten the grits & I ended up saying *** it I want a refund because he or she didnt make me feel like a customer. *** Cracker Barrel racist *** Add comment

  • Feb 21
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Mountain View, California
  • Staff
  • 30

My family (8 was in our group) came in resturant on a busy night. Our server was a older waitress Jan or Jane and she was so much fun. Cared about us and made sure we had everything we needed. The food was excellent (took a little bit of time ) but that young lady made us laugb and took care of us and two other tables. We came in this past tuesday nite and they said she was no longer bere. Our... Read more

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  • Feb 20
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Noblesville, Indiana
  • Staff
  • 41

Feb 20, 2015 4:44pm, My wife and I went and had our dinner. At this location and after leaving a tip at the table we finished our meal and continued to go pay at the cashier up front. The cashier at the front was a women named Liz. She finished the transaction and asked me if I left a tip. I have never experienced such disrespect before especially from a place I eat regularly at. I spent about... Read more

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  • Feb 20
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Staff
  • 2
  • 2
  • 38

Cracker Barrel in Alma, ar.. My husband and I went later on Valentine day to avoid the crowd because I have leukemia. The food was very good and pleased with our waiter. Just when we were finishing this little small girl reached across our table to get the salt an pepper shakers an back again to reach across the table to put them back. After she had done that, she got her dust pan an broom an... Read more

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You guys need to make sure your meat is fully cooked me and my mom got upset tummys because we ate your bacon Add comment

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