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I am diabetic, and needs to eat but the host took thirty minutes, and I was only me,,, I complained to the manager , and she said she took care of it, but I never saw her talk to the host name Tristan from the devaluation office in San Antonio tx........been regular for years......I always have there, but this time they lost my service completely,, will never return back....... Crackel barrel does not value there customers at all,,,,,!!!!M I am... Read more

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My granddaughter is in west palm beach and by herself for thanksgiving. She is 19 and doesnt have much food. I thought if i could get her to cracker barrel it could pay for her food over the phone. But when i called cb the lady was very rude and me they can't do that she doesnt me and i might have stolen the card. Which is false. I told her about my granddaughters situation and she said "i dont care its not her problem" its thanksgiving... Read more

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Last Sunday myself and my family went to Cracker Barrel in Holyoke Massachusetts. I ordered the Chef Salad half way through it I spotted a long black hair I have blonde hair so I knew it wasn't mine. My question to you is don't your employees wear hair nets. Totally disgusting. Complained to the Manager. I think you need to instill this hair net policy, I sure this is a law Food Service workers have to wear. Mrs. Philip Gallo Read more

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I have never had cold food, tasteless food or bad service here in Lebanon, TN. I prefer breakfast when I eat there and can not say anything about the lunch and dinner options. My meals have always been served hot and as expected. From a party of 3 or even 7, everything has been great. The customer service from host to waitress has always been polite. My husband's warehouse was catered by CB and everyone was pleased with the Thanksgiving meal. My... Read more

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I went into cracker barrel, and it took an hour to get two pieces of fish and some grits. No one asks if I want drinks and The waitress was very rude. She told me I could not order off the breakfast menu I needed to order off the dinner menu. When I said I always order off the breakfast menu she caught and attitude and I asked for a manager. I waited about ten minutes and decided to get my own manager. The manager finally came with his on... Read more

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My husband and I were seated at a table in the Seymour IN resturant this evening. The table to our right and left were vaccant. We gave our order to our waitress, Heather. While we waited, the vaccant tables were filled and those customers were eating their main courses. We stopped the manager, he checked on our order and we were told it was because I wanted my meat to be very well done. No one had ever asked how I wanted it cooked! When... Read more

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Well, this isn't the first time me and my husband have had problems here... A few months ago we went and had trouble with bad service, well tonight we thought we would go out for a nice meal since we never go out to eat much..We order the home style chicken, we wait about 30 minutes for our food to come (it was not busy at all), the waitress finally brings our food to the table, my husband cuts into his piece of chicken to find that the whole... Read more

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Thursday night turkey and dressing night in Crestview Florida of visit November 17th, 2016....this is what i was served...I asked the waitress was this a joke? Very disappointed...also when they brought my plate out it was missing the dressing and i had to ask where it was UGH

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Cracker Barrell in Leesburg,Florida I have had several bad experiences at this location. Ordered chicken fried chicken and received no gravey. When I finally received it, it was like water. So, I asked for the normal gravy that it always comes with and was told that was all they had and the whole batch was like that. The side of potatoes was extremely small. My mother also received a very small portion of potatoes. In the last year I... Read more

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Please don't let the folksy commercials fool you. The Cracker Barrel restaurant is over. The consistent complaints are bad food, cold food, infested food, poor service and management. My visits to most of them in southeastern GA have confirmed epic poor experiences. ALL of them should just close the restaurant business. The only business they are capable of operating successfully is the gift shop.

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