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Until today I was a "Rising Star" at Cracker Barrel - working here was the worst experience of my life. At CB it is always the servers fault.if you knew how employees are treated I doubt you'd dine there. Servers are paid $2.13 p/hr and are required to roll 135 sets of silverware per shift that is if you work a double you better roll 290 pieces in between running food, bussing tables, and sometimes preparing food in the kitchen or seating guests after they have sent home employees making over $9 p/hr this is to cut down the cost of labor vs sales ratio so that management can get a bonus.

What hurts the server is by doing all of this extra work we are unable to give good service to our tables - poor service = small gratuity. So mgmt gets a bonus and the servers (many single moms)trying to feed their families make less money - triple the work and less in the servers pocket. Servers are not allowed to take breaks - this is cruel and illegal but they get away with it because jobs are hard to come by in this economy and they know it. So most servers are exhausted and hungry taking one biscuit is considered theft from the company and will cost you your job.

An employee can drink water, tea, and coffee all else is off limits unless you pay for it before you drink it. Meals are 50% off while on the clock however you cannot eat it there or take it home after your shift therefore you can not eat. I have witnessed servers shoving a biscuit in their mouth in a corner fearful of getting caught by mgmt and being walked off the job.

The atmosphere behind the scenes is extremely dysfunctional there is a lot of shouting and screaming people scrambling around trying to get everything done in record time. It's a real beat the clock game and not to give you a great dining experience its to get you fed and shoved out the door to enable staff to seat another set of guests. Feed 'em and street 'em that is the CB way. last week I was expected to serve 5 tables, greet and seat guests, make salads, dish out soup, and prepare desserts for my tables, answer the phone for take-out orders and then roll 135 sets of silverware in a 5 hr shift - all without a break or a pat on the back for all your hard work.

So who suffers the most is the guest of CB - do you think the server is using safe food practices while making your salad when rushing to get 4 other things done at the same time? Are you - the guest of CB really being treated like a priority when someone untrained in safe food handling or has no time to put on gloves to keep the germs on their hands from touching your food?

Next time you think Cracker Barrel is a good choice to dine at remember this post and ask yourself would you let your MOM work here? Thank you if you have read this post in full I appreciate your time.

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Sounds like the CB i work at too


Take your whining somewhere else. Good grief.

I worked in food service and have friends at CB. Maybe you and your mom friends stuffing biscuits in your mouth in corners is how it went at your CB, but they're not all like that. Give me a break. And we all know how very much servers are capable of making when they do their jobs (and the majority goes unreported for taxes, so be careful about talking about illegal things happening).

Put your big girl panties on and go be a cashier somewhere. A pat on the head?


to Anonymous #1556993

You might be in the industry, but your comment makes me think you've never been a server in your life. Also, your friends are the most likely ones with this "majority unreported for taxes." IRS requires 100 percent of tips to be reported. Go be a server when you're not living at home with mum and dad, while following all the rules; then we'll see how your tune sounds.


I just started working there and I absolutly agree with everything you said. I hate the sidework and how everything is running in the kitchen fast because it's hard to give great service when people tell at you for not running your coworkers dish and that's my pay .


A friend worked there, same experience. Except they’re trying to appeal to a younger crowd, so let’s hire young people!Except it’s all the regular servers doing the work, the young ones are treated much better, not doing any of the old “requirements”.CB NEEDS TO BE SUED!

By employees! They’re going to keep doing this unless you stand up and say NO MORE! I don’t want anyone being treated badly by the same company that had a history of this cruel treatment!

This is not Fair or Ethical.It is illegal! The biggest problem is CB knows desperation of income & are taking full advantage of no one coming forward.


I was a server at the Cracker Barrel for several years. I am sorry to hear that your experience was so terrible, but the reality is that not every location treats it's employees that way.It is not uncommon in the restaurant business to have side work nor to roll silverware.

The amount needed to be rolled depends on how busy the restaurant is and how many servers are working. I never rolled more than 75 per shift.As for the screaming in the back of the house, I was not yelled at by my management at my Cracker Barrel store. Our management dealt with problems in a professional manner.Many times, almost every shift, I would eat an employee meal in the back in the break room. So, to say that employees are not allowed to eat there is inaccurate.Serving is a difficult job and takes the ability to multi-task.

Blaming lack of good service on side work makes me wonder about your integrity.

It is important not to generalize your experience to include all Cracker Barrels as your experiences are not the experiences of all employees. Clearly you are just disgruntled.

to Majeista #1506898

I have to call bs on this post. I still work for them going on three years now and this is accurate to a T for my store.

Not even in the same state.

Just because you had a great experience doesn't mean the rest of us did fancy pants! Our managers treat us like dog crap!

to Bastine #1529512

And just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean we did. Good grief. And you have to be nasty about it?


I'm a Par 4 server trainer at my store. I've been there 2 1/2 years.

I opened the store when it was brand new. I feel like this is definitely exaggerated. Yes, there are times, like a busy busy Sunday that it's beat the clock. Rush.

Let's go! But it is a busy Sunday. Everyone chips in and helps. We have each other's backs.

Yes, silver and Sidework. I know. But I work in a fairly busy store and even on a Sunday we roll 75-100. Never in the whole time I've been there had it been more.

And eventually you get good at it and can knock that out in 15-20 mins. It's completely possible to take care of your last table or 2 while you are cut and do sidework at the same time. The longest it's taken me to get out after being cut, was a hour. And that's because it was like a tornado came through and we were just so busy.

Also that's all of us chipping in and helping everyone with sidework so someone isn't left behind struggling. 50% off a meal. Get it while it's slow with manager approval and tell them so and so is watching your section and make sure they actually do. And dont take 20 mins to eat either.

Eat it, and get back at it. A biscuit isn't free. It costs money. More often than not, a manager will say yes if you ask.

They don't like you stealing and lying. I've not seen one of my mangers turn down any of us girls for asking for one. Never. We don't make our own salads and desserts unless we absolutely need to pitch in and help out.

Which really, take a minute and help out the struggling cooks from time to time. Now I make bank. I make good money 5 days a week. I get rising stars asking me how I've made $190 that shift when they haven't even broke $100.

It comes with time and experience. It comes with confidence with the job. It comes with your tables seeing you handle situations, the rushes, mean people, pitching in and helping, with grace. Not like you are on fire!

We are a family. We might fight with each other in crazy busy times, but we will ALWAYS have each other's backs. We will always pitch in and help. My managers at least, and we've had a few (but it applies to everyone of them) care.

They do. They take care of us. If something happens, I know my managers have my back. Now if you call out or trade shifts and give it away and all that, no, they aren't going to keep buying the whole, everything happens to me act.

I wouldn't trade my Cracker Barrel Family for anything! Even if it was supposed to be a slow night, with only 5 servers and 3 buses pull up and *** hits the fan(true story), we are at each other's throats because of it, i know we have each other. That we can do this. And in the end we will be cleaning up the disaster.

Together. Joking and laughing about it all.

to Jess #1556998

I wish I worked in your store. We *do* have people who ask if it's possible to have a biscuit sometimes, because they're hungry and it's hard.

You know what our managers like to respond with? "Yeah, if you're going to pay for it first." We're SUPPOSED to be a family.

That seems to be a cornerstone of "The CB Way." However, it seems that an awful lot of the stores are not following the Way in order to please people. They're cutting corners and making adjustments so that they're pleasing Goal Hours and paycheque bonuses.


Sounds to me your just mad because you actually had to do some work!

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1283544

What you have described is hyperbole of what most people in the service industry are required to do. It seems as if you weren't really up to the job.

Myrtle, Mississippi, United States #1272706

What restaurant doesn't have you roll silverware and multi-task. I was a server on and off for over 32 years and had my own restaurant.

I heard the same thing from a pissy 17 year old who felt entitled that she have a 30 minute break after being on the floor for 4 hours. Now I'm no *** and I had to pull up the labor board requirements for servers as they are not the same as for other positions. When you are not serving, making beverages, running food, etc that is considered time you are not technically working but are getting paid. She was on her phone texting her mommy or friend about how unfair it was.

I put in a NO cell phone policy because let's face it...if your friend is having boyfriend or girlfriend problems you carry that to the floor and my guests didn't deserve the treatment because you are now vested to talk and help "Cindy" or "Steven" with their problems. So when a company pays you to work and you go into it knowing the rules that company has, you have a grown up decision to make of can I work within the rules or not. You know you, as a server are only making anywhere between 2.13 to 4.00 an hour plus tips. A great server in a Cracker Barrel who is attentive and has a great personality can bank.

Welcome to the real world of work and if you don't like the rules, which we know these days some (not all) but some feel entitled or what my daughters and I call "Generation Me" can't handle the rules, leave and give someone deserving your position.

Maybe your friends or Mommy can support you.

Finally, this is not a Cracker Barrel complaint it's a complaint I've heard in all restaurants and it's usually from the ones who want to work the least but get the most $$$$.

to Anonymous #1467520

True that!!!

to Sugar and spice #1468461

Amen. Well said, coming from a par 3 server!

Reedsburg, Wisconsin, United States #1264055

My trouble is the smoke from the fireplace. It has been making me sick.

Yesterday several other servers, myself and a manager were really not feeling well from the smoke irritating our allergies. Also the air becomes so dry. One of the servers had a bloody nose and 2 other gals had puffy, red, itchy, watery eyes.

My sinusis are all stuffed up and my head hurts. I just finished antibiotics from a sinus infection I believe to be due to the smoke at work.

to Anonymous #1451405

So get a job in a place that has no fireplace. Problem solved.

to Anonymous #1494200

I agree 100 percent.Just not the smoke but years of dust on displays.Look up and you can’t miss the years of dust.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #1262851

I find most of these complaints ridiculous. The first one on my charts are the biscuits.

Really?!?!? Let me break this down. I am a par 4 cook in every position and I just want to bring to light just why free biscuits are not free. So at my store we have about 20 servers on the floor during peak periods.

Almost all of them ask for a biscuit and all who ask usually are allowed to have one. Now also at my store there are those who don't ask and just take (this also goes for toast since I just caught one of them doing this tonight). Then calculate the cooks and dishwashers who think they are also sneaky and sneak into the flavor savor and grab a bisquit. So about 25 people per shift give or take.

You times that by 2 for both morning and night shift so 50 biscuits for the day go into the mouths of hungry employees (who most can literally eat before they come in excluding openers and sometimes closers). Now I do believe biscuits cost the company about .50 each to make plus the 10 minutes to pay me (the backup cook) to make them just for nothing so that's $25 a day the store loses $175 a week just for the ingredients. "Well biscuits are complimentary so they shouldn't be off limits". Well very true but then if that is the case I don't eat them so why should I make them so you don't go hungry?

And then the abuse of the jelly I see all the time with employees. Stop it already jelly is expensive. Pack jelly from home if you can't eat a dang biscuit plain or better yet how about you eat before you come in for your 6hr shift (obviously if u work a double I understand). And I'm so sorry but servers don't get a break?

Please don't make me laugh. I will bet that is an exaggeration. Please stand behind that grill or go to backup for just one shift and tell me you still don't get a break. I see servers all the time in our store in that break room ALL THE TIME.

And my last rant is side work. Your complaining you have to do side work for serving while taking care of guests. So its hard for u to run a tray and refill drinks while keeping the milk stocked? Or wiping a wall (yes one section of wall)down?

How about you try cleaning fryers on a weds morning being the only cook while fighting to keep your ticket times down to 10 minutes when there are 7 of you on the floor (weds we get a big party in the morning) or while trying to complete a endless amount of things on a list while still only having one cook and still get the slicer detailed properly for your Mac duty...really I'm sure y'all were told about side work when u signed up so what is the complaint...I just don't think y'all can handle it and if that's the case ask for less tables then...

Now I'm not a server and truly I know my opinion is biased but I also know servers who handle their *** and make bank while making it look easy peasy. So work for your money.

to Anonymous #1307766

I realize that not all Cracker Barrel are managed in the same way from the employees comments.

First at my location in Florida I see the opening and closing staff everyday. The cooks and backup cooks starts at 5 am.

The cooks have 1 full hour to clean the fryers and repair the mess from the night closing cooks. I even lend my water hose to the cook that speed up cleaning of fryers and the floor filled with grease as well. That's called team work ! About the biscuits the cost must be less than .50 cents each because a corn bread cost .12 cents.

I see 50 biscuits and corn bread thrown in the trash 2 or more times a week because some day are slow on meal sales and they prepared one last batch and using just a couple to serve fresh to the customers. Part of the game, there is waste of food everyday at CB and in every other restaurants I worked for.

Sorry at my location we don't have a big party every Wednesday but ONCE a month only !

So tell your general manager to stop trying to reward his employees with party goodies and

allow them to eat 1 biscuit per shift please !

Me too I work hard for my money to get the place clean for the next shift and i know that some managers shouldn't be manager and go by their *** book dated from 1969, they just changed the review for the current date on it !!

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