I forgot to add a few things about a previous complaint I made about Cracker Barrel.While I was at an employment orientation I saw one of their cooks touching food with his bare hands,the kitchen was disgusting,there was food and water all over the floor,and the bathroom was filthy.By the way,I think the person who responded to my previus complaint was the one who conducted the orietation.If that was you I have 2 things to say.You are a liar,and you really need to lose some weight honey.P.S learn how to spell.


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I guess Disgusting Kitchen has never been behind the scenes in some of the finest, $$$$$, highly regarded restaurants in the world. CB is pristine compared to most of the "fine dining" spots.


Here's a couple more things I forgot to add in my previous complaint. I'm a whiny b*i*t*c*h with enormous man t*i*t*s.

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