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my wife,two kids 4 and 1, and myself are eating and my wife bites into her macaroni and bit down on a piece off glass and broke her tooth in half as she spots it out the waiter sees her spitting something out and stops to see whats wrong and it was a piece of a plate dime sized but her plate was not chipped so it had happened in the back so the waiter gets the manager writes literally one sentence on a blank paper for a complaint report saying the customer bit into SOMETHING unfortunately the waiter asked to see the piece of glass to show the manager and we never got it back so we contact a lawyer and they took it from there and the lady from corporate said since my wife hadn't been to the dentist in 10 or so years it was our fault what bull is this so don't even eat at this disrespectful rip off of a place they wouldn't even pay for the whole price of the tooth which had to an implant for 6000

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Chances are your wife's teeth are in bad shape from not being to the dentist for ten years and you are taking advantage of this situation to scam them. Glad they saw through your scam and are not raising food prices for other partons because they have to pay for your bogus BS lawsuit.

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There was a time I hadn't gone to the dentist in over 8 years, nothing wrong with my teeth other than a cavity. What does time frame with the dentist got to do with it? Someone bit into a piece of glass, that is negligence on the company's part, not the customer.


This is terrible.She could have been way worse off if she swallowed the glass.They should pay for it.Maybe its time to tell them you are contacting your local news station about this.I am totally on your side and i will never eat there again.


Your wife's tooth did not have to be an implant, I'm sure they could have made a partial cheaper. Furthermore being your wife hadn't been to a dentist in 10 years, her teeth probably haven't been in real good condition for some time and the tooth could have broken off biting into anything.

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