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On July 6th my husband and I visited the Cracker Barrel in Barboursville and then learned several days later that anyone who was served on that day had been exposed to Hepatitis A from one of their employees. So we made arrangements to have the vaccine…..very expensive, insurance will not cover and we have to have another shot in six months.

When I inquired of Tammy, the manager, how to be reimbursed for the Hep.A shot required after being exposed to it at their restaurant by one of their employees, she put me on hold for 10 minutes, and then referred me to the corporate office. Their number is 800-333-5966 if anyone wants to call them, which I recommend.

Just got a call from Cracker Barrel....they are so very sorry, but they will not be able to reimburse anyone who had to take the Hepatitis A vaccine. Even though they admit their employee did have the virus, they deny any responsibility....these are your friendly people at Cracker Barrel, especially Judy Crowley, as she was the representative who talked with me.

If you want to continue your patronage, go ahead. As for our family and friends, we'll go elsewhere and I recommend you to do the same

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