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For thirty years, I refused to go to Cracker Barrel because I didn't care for anything on the menu. Ten years ago, a buddy of mine asked if I like old fashioned hamburgers and steak-fries so much, to come with him to Cracker Barrel for lunch.

He told me to order the Old Fashioned Country Sandwich Platter Half-Pound Hamburger with the side of steak-fries for lunch. It was absolutely delicious!! I returned with him for lunch about once a month for the next decade. We just made our most recent pilgrimage to Cracker Barrel for lunch.

Totally unexpectedly, the Old Fashioned Half-Pound Hamburger was gone, and the steak-fries had been replaced. I was beside myself. I complained to the server, who thought the Old Fashioned Half Pound Hamburgers were still available. I complained bitterly to the manager, explaining how this was THE ONLY ITEM I EVER CAME TO CRACKER BARREL FOR.

He told me that there are NEW burgers now, and that I needed to be excited !! The burgers and fries had both been replaced, he said, and I just had to try it, because it is the best ever. Um, in my book, its not a good idea to tell me what I want and need. I go to a business to sample the things I might be interested in, and then I will direct my repeat visits to the business that will serve me what I want.

Because Cracker Barrel was the farthest restaurant we travel to for lunch (nearly 10 miles one way from our office), I did in fact try the "NEW Angus Burger !!!!", because I always go to "Old Time Country Stores" looking for the "newest and the best". Oh, no wait, thats exactly the OPPOSITE of what I would do. But I tried this new burger. It was awful, IF WHAT YOU WANT IS AN OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGER FROM AN OLD COUNTRY STORE.

All of a sudden, Cracker Barrel is trying to compete for my hamburger business by trying to serve me a "New Angus Burger", like all the other loser burger joints? Trying to compete with someone else for my business when my business was already Cracker Barrel's to lose ? WHAT ? Well, guess what, Cracker Barrel did just lose my business.

Goodbye. I was so disappointed, and so distraught, I went to Cracker Barrel's website and filed a complaint. Wow, a customer who is so loyal, that they are doing EVERYTHING they can to communicate that there is a problem, and that the loss of my business is going to be a direct and immediate result. My visit was 2 days ago.

Total responses from Cracker Barrel -- zero. I can go to any burger joint and get a "NEW Angus Burger". If I want an Old Fashioned Half Pound Hamburger, the way they used to be made, I can go to Cracker Barrel -- oh, wait, no, I can't now -- or I can go to... I can go to...

Wow, they had the market NAILED. And BLEW IT !!!! WHAT ? Cracker Barrel, the Old Time Country Store, serving all the NEW STUFF THAT "UNVERIFIED OTHERS" SAY THEY WANT.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I don't even care if it costs a little more if its WHAT I WANT.

Reason of review: Removal of Items from Menu.

Preferred solution: To Not Return To Cracker Barrel.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Mar 30, 2017.
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I am very disappointed in the burger and fries change as well. I have been going to Cracker Barrel for years and even as a kid and an adult I would order the burger even at 6 am.

I would get it with sourdough bread lightly toasted with all the fixins on the side and bread and butter pickles.

With a good portion of steak fries. Please bring it back or I won't be back.


oh what will cracker barrel do now that they lost you... nothing.


I couldn't agree more. Their "new" burgers suck.

No cornbread and biscuits. No pickles also. WTF! All to save a few cents you lost my dollars...

Read or Google give them the pickle cracker barrel bean counters. The customer is the one that dictates your bottom line..


You can get the hamburger steak it's the same patty as the original burger. Have em make a sandwich out of it.

Your still stuck with the new fries. But at least you get your burger back.

Ocala, Florida, United States #1310450

Just so you know most people were complaining about the fries portion size, so instead of Cracker Barrel losing money to provide more fries for those that complained they replaced them with a fry that you could receive more quantity then what they had before. As far as the burgers we added new burgers but we do indeed still have the same burgers and now added a couple different ones.

We have our new Maple Jam burger that you can get with or without bacon and cheese along with having a single or double patty burger. Then we have our Signature burger that you can get with or without bacon and cheese, and you can get it with a single or double patty.

You also have to take in consideration that Cracker Barrels all over the world are a little different because Cracker Barrel adapts to its surroundings.

So Cracker Barrels in Texas have a slight different menu then Alabama, Wisconsin or even Florida. You can't get mad at the company for making changes they are trying to broaden the items that they sell.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1309500

"Goodbye. I was so disappointed, and so distraught"

You must have one sad and depressing life to be so upset that burger is no longer on the menu.

Who with a real life has time to complain about a frakin' burger?

"All of a sudden, Cracker Barrel is trying to compete "

Just a hint, CB is a for profit orginization the probably spent $$$ on what people want and don't want.

They're not going to waste time on a lifeless and possibly old *** turtle who has time post nonsense like this. They're looking to the new generations who want stuff like this.

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