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I work at CB as a server and it is very clicky. Thr ones in the red apron do steel food as they are training a new server just happened today.

Is takung one piece of candy is considered stealing, which of course it is, then taking a spoon and dipping into the newly cooked mashed potatoes is stealing as you have your trainer server walking behind you. Taking a muffin and putting it in the plastic holder that they use to make their dressing as a server is taking a piece off the bottom of the muffin or cornbread and sticking the rest into the container and the other into their mouth. If you are unfortunate enough to get trained by one of the quickies you will probably not make it. You are setup to fail before you even start if the click doesn't like you.

As far as rolling silverware I have only seen two people roll silverware all the other servers seem to think they don't have to. Managers are great they help a lot but they do need to pay attention even though an employee has been there for several years those are the ones you need to watch they are pushing all of the work on to the new person and that's why they go through so many people, servers. They don't want to do the back work because then they are not making their tip money. They yell and embarrass the new server trainee to take out food right off the grill as they're trying to read and learn the computer while the others are standing around chatting or in the break room.

This is only a handful of the ones that have been there awhile and are very clicky. They run to the manager and say the new server said this or did that when all the manager has to do is watch the video and they can see exactly what the new trainee has done or hasn't done and most of them work very very hard that I have seen. if you're lucky enough to not be trained by one of the clickers you will make it. The red apron as she's training the new server is running back and forth from the head trainer trying to get into her candy or food or whatever she has in her office because she is hungry but when the service trainer needs to go grab a drink they run right to her and say I can't find her.

Managers need to pay more attention to what the clickies the ones that have been there a while say about new hires because I am sure I have seen it that they have lost some really good server potential by listening to the clickies or because they are forced to do all the work. servers coming into the position know that there is side work to be done coffee to be made silverware to roll etc.. but managers need to pay attention because only a couple are actually rolling the silverware the rest of them are more interested in being out there and making their tip money. Managers pay attention more to your videos and watch the clickies and their work habits and their little snatches of food here in there which is stealing..

the training is good but some of the trainers are more interested in the help that they get because they make more tips then actually training the new servers this is why CB goes through so many new hire servers. this is not rocket science so if your store is going through many servers who are not staying take a look at the older ones the clicky ones and you will see what the problem is and you will bring in much better workers.

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