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Me and my family went to the Lumberton, N.C. Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, the waitress was "Frail" and "Old" I knew she was going to be a bad server, but not this bad!!

She forgot "5" times to bring me my ice tea!! Just mine too!! What an.."idiot" Our dinners were being served "first" and the "clown" still hadn't brought me "Anything" to drink with my meal!! I was "livid" I had to share my daughters tea!

I can't swallow food well without a beverage, so I still had to wait another "30" minutes for my ice tea!! She didn't even apologize for her "Not" getting me anything to drink for "over an hour"!! While I watched everyone else drink their ice tea's and eating their (meal)?? She should be "FIRED"!!

The food was "Deplorable" and "Putrid" No dinner rolls were served with the dinner.. Just cornbread muffins & (dry) 6 in" thick hard as a brick "bisquits", which is for breaksfast!! The instant brown gravy was salty and had long crunchy onion strips like spaghetti noodles in clumps..ugh! The turkey meat was boneless and sliced thin in patties..yuck!!

I couldn't look at it without wanting to "throw-up" the absolute worst waitress and horrible food I've "EVER HAD IN MY LIFE"!!!

I had to wait 1 hour 1/2's for my ice tea!!! Fire That Idiot!!

Review about: Cracker Barrel Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You're just mean and rude. I hope she didn't bring you your drink on purpose, and laughed about it every time she went back to the kitchen. I bet you didn't tip either


Omg you sound like a "5" year old. Why didn't you just put on your big boy panties and ask someone else?

I have a feeling that she probably messed up your order on purpose because you're a ***.

Have you ever worked with customers like you? My guess is you probably have horrible service all over town because you are a horrible person that's how that works...


be nice if we all knew if this review was 100% honest & no pertinent info left out(She forgot "5" times to bring me my ice tea)

then our comments would be more acurrate & sympathetic...

to Anonymous #1402711

Mine wouldn't! He made a nasty and judgmental remark about the server as soon as he set eyes on her.

He had already decided she was going to be a bad server, she didn't stand a chance! Cracker Barrel is the #1 restaurant people go to, when they decide to dine out on Thanksgiving.

It's chaotic, people wait up to 3 hours to even get a table and are mean, hateful and impatient on a day that is about being thankful. I feel this customer should be fired from being allowed to eat at CB again.


I think the complaint and the previous commentators all suck ***. The complaint is retarded written and has annoying bits that don't make sense.

Like, you can't swallow food if you don't have a beverage? Wtf are you talking about? You wanted a drink, you do not have a medical condition that Cracker Barrel aggravated by not giving you one. And of course wanting a drink is fine, I actually want one right now.

But your complaint is written really really annoying. At the same time, all the hateful comments you're getting are retarded too so I don't know Wtf is up with any of you.


This is one of the most ignorant and hateful letters I believe I have ever read at this site.


"wow".....just "wow". You are an "evil" sub-human who feels no "empathy" for another human being who "probably" has a higher "IQ" than yourself.

Oh, and yeah, all the "air quotes" around "randon words"....looks stupid, "doesn't it"???

The only idiot is "YOURSELF".


What the last person said is too nice. No you sound like a horrid cunt with an entitled attitude.

I know how it is to deal with old waitresses, but you are not entitled to this behavior just because it's a holiday. In fact, why don't you jump into the service industry and work on a HOLIDAY and then see how well you do.


What a horrible human being you are.


You sound like a marginal human, at best. Did you read all the horrible things you said about that poor, elderly waitress who was spending HER Thanksgiving waiting on ungrateful people like you, before you hit the POST button?

You should be ASHAMED of yourself! You went to CB on their busiest day of the year and seem shocked and angry that others had the same idea. You could have asked a competent adult in your party to beckon the waitress, any waitress, over with some ice tea. You could have sought out a manager.

You could have done a lot of adult, responsible things rather than write the filth you chose to write here instead.

Get some manners and some humanity, please. And next year, EAT AT HOME!

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