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We had a waitress that seemed to dote on my husband. Every time she came to our table she was calling him buttercup and such things.

No big deal. I'm from the south and have hear sweet names used for customers since I was very young. It didn't bother either of us until she called my husband, "My Love" and then came over to his side of the table and put her hands on his shoulder. Now I'm all for being nice to the customer, but she almost found herself on the floor.

I'm not a jealous person, never have been, but she crossed the line when she said that and then put her hand on him. My husband was scared to look at her thinking he might encourage her. It was very uncomfortable. We frequent this restaurant often and love this place.

We go often as a couple or with friends and have close ties with some of the wait staff, but this lady was way out of line and we will make sure we do not sit in her area again. I never noticed her name, but she had pale makeup, shoulder length thick, dark hair pulled back and was possibly around her early late 30's to early 40's.

We were eating at a table along the back window in the first dining room. I would very much appreciate someone talking to her about boundaries.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $37. The author is overall dissatisfied with Cracker Barrel. The most disappointing about cracker barrel staff from Cracker Barrel was waitress behavior , but reviewer liked great food and atmosphere. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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You know, people like you are exactly the reason waitresses have bad attitudes at the end of the day. "I'm not a jealous person." Biiiitch please.

If you werent a jealous person you would have let it go as soon as you stepped out of the door.

But no you get on here and write a *** review ABOUT HOW A WAITRESS WAS TOO NICE TO YOU..Like *** off seriously. Stop breathing.

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